Touring Lebanon with 800Adventure

In a country where the distance between its warm waters and ancient cedar forests and mountains are just a couple of hours in the car, one gets enticed to see everything that entails its beauty.
A lot of beauty there is, from the blue sky and warm waters of the Mediterranean to the fresh air and rugged mountain peaks and the pleasant chill of snowmelt-fed rivers.

All which definitely make Lebanon the perfect destination for those who enjoy hiking and adventure in nature and outdoors.

Lebanon is the only country on the Mediterranean with four seasons distributed equally on the whole year which are autumn, winter, spring and summer, the thing that allows its inhabitants and those visiting to explore its nature and reserves, beaches and seaside, bird watching, camping, caving, cycling, hiking and trekking, mountain climbing, skiing and winter sports and water sports and many other outdoor activities.
To carry these activities perfectly one has to be equipped with the necessary costume and outdoor facilities.

800 Adventure LTD surprises its passersby with reliable outdoor activities equipment that make their journey in Lebanon a success.
You will be amazed at 800 Adventure LTD with the variety of Sports and Outdoors equipment, Apparel, Footwear, Pets Accessories and toys for all sorts of games and hobbies.

We act as a mediator between sellers and consumers of outdoor gears used in camping, hiking, skiing, and many others designed for recreational activities.
Feel free and confident to visit us at our headquarters or support office to see what suits you and surf on our website to explore more of what you need!

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