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Barbecue Wire Grill Iron Plate


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  • The two combinations of the wire grill barbecue and the iron plate barbecue is used for two purpose.
  • Double-structure barbecue body.
  • Iron barbecue: 50x20cm
  • Grill:62x26cm
  • overall size: 66x30x71cm
  • weight: approximate 8 KGS
  • Get ready for a party and surprise your guests with a barbecue with the help of this grill.
  • The 2 attached barbecue grill and cooking plate can be separately used for wire grill barbecue and iron plate barbecue.
  • The cooking plate is through silicon resin processing, so the food on it is not easily burnt and it is easy to clean.
  • The height of the barbecue body can be adjustable.
  • With theĀ  Barbecue Wire Grill Iron Plate you can enjoy living, cooking and eating outside all year round.
  • It is the coolest barrel BBQ that combines everything we look for as a man!
  • Grilling reminds us of the old days, cooking meat, fish and vegetables over hot coals.
  • Invite your family and friends to enjoy the freedom of preparing food together outside.
  • Material: iron
  • Barbecue grill: iron (chrome-plated)
  • Cooking iron plate: silicone resin processing
  • Case frame: iron
  • Charcoal frip: iron


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